SOSSEC Consortium Membership

February 2018

Darkblade Systems has joined the Consortium for System of Systems Security (SOSSEC).  The Government, in conjunction with SOSSEC, manages a coordinated Research & Development (R&D) program designed to develop prototype Homeland Defense and related technologies. Under this agreement and associated awards, the Government, along with the non-government members from SOSSEC, performs coordinated planning and R&D prototype efforts.

SOSSEC offers a uniquely rapid, cost-efficient and collaborative contracting vehicle as an alternative to the complex Federal Acquisition Regulation, which might discourage small non-traditional entities from seeking to work with the Government. SOSSEC provides its members and eligible Federal agencies a user-friendly partnership path.


From the SOSSEC Website:

SOSSEC, Inc. is chartered as the single point of contact activity for the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), and offers the unique ability to integrate and harness the power of a diverse consortium of organizations. This combination of skilled and experienced collaborators, innovators and performers integrated into a committed support team, offers our clients major benefits including:

  • Identification and assessment of the latest techniques and technologies from all sources
  • Unique breadth of real-world operational experience—including demonstrated capabilities to rationalize and integrate the needs of diverse stakeholders
  • Best-of-breed technology and product agnostic solutions
  • Demonstrated history of delivering effective solutions for mission critical needs.

The Consortium was specifically formed to address the needs of the Department of Defense (DoD). It is founded on a simple concept: that collaboration, innovation, and cooperation among a broad spectrum of industry, academia and non-profits vastly improves the products and services delivered to its clients. This concept, combined with a competitive environment among Consortium membership, supported by quality oversight by SOSSEC, Inc., ensures low-risk, lowest-cost, and the best-of-breed delivery of prototype solutions to our clients.  Most traditional companies do not provide the breadth of capabilities that we do.

Since its founding in 2007, the SOSSEC Consortium has enjoyed many successes. Its members have developed, integrated, and supported more than 70 multi-million dollar federal, state, and local programs in diverse regions of the country, and have facilitated collaboration among these diverse programs to share information and capabilities.