Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certifications (IFPC)

October 2018

Darkblade Systems professionals have earned the Department of Defense (DOD) Intelligence Fundamentals Professional Certification (IFPC), a DOD Intelligence and Security Professional Certification.  All Darkblade Systems professionals are offered the opportunity and encouraged to learn and pass IFPC, as well as other DOD, FAA, and IT/Cyber certifications.  As of October 2018, five (5) Darkblade Systems professionals have earned the IFPC cert.

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From the IFPC Candidate Handbook:

The IFPC program is sponsored by the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD(I)) to professionalize the defense intelligence workforce by establishing a common standard of the fundamental knowledge and skills expected of all who serve and support, and those who hope to serve and support, in the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE). The IFPC is based on the Defense Intelligence Fundamentals standards, which are cross-cutting and enterprise-wide, and depict the Department’s core expectations of what all Defense Intelligence Professionals, regardless of Service/Agency, Function/Specialty and experience level, must know and/or be able to do to successfully execute and/or contribute to the execution of intelligence missions, functions, and activities at the fundamental level. The IFPC will also serve to ensure incoming defense intelligence professionals meet knowledge standards.

The IFPC assessment measures performance across eight knowledge domains:

  1. What is intelligence?
  2. What are the intelligence disciplines?
  3. Who is involved in intelligence?
  4. Why does intelligence require oversight?
  5. How is intelligence conducted?
  6. How are classified and controlled materials protected?
  7. How are classified and controlled materials shared?
  8. How do my actions affect my status as an intelligence professional?