Darkblade Systems’ Partner Otolith Labs Selected as Winner of NASA iTech Ignite the Night in Las Vegas

February 2020

Darkblade Systems and Otolith Labs are working together to operationalize the ōtoTech for use within the Government sector in order to address various forms of motion and virtual reality (VR) related nausea.

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On January 8, a NASA iTech panel of judges selected Otolith Labs as the winner of Ignite the Night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NASA iTech selected 10 companies, out of approximately 200 applicants, with innovative solutions that address challenges on Earth with potential space applications to participate in NASA iTech’s Ignite the Night. These 10 companies had the opportunity to demonstrate their technology’s abilities to NASA Chief Technologist, investors, and industry members.

Otolith Labs, from Washington, D.C. presented the ōtoTech transducer, a device that sends stimuli to the vestibular system which mitigates the sensation of vertigo and motion-related nausea. This noninvasive technology will offer a solution to over 100 million Americans that suffer from vertigo and motion sickness. According to NASA, “it also may offer relief to astronauts as they adjust their body to the zero-g environment.”


As the winner of the NASA iTech’s Ignite the Night, Otolith Labs will present their industry-disrupting technology at the 2020 Cycle I Forum scheduled to take place in Kansas City, Missouri on May 20-21, 2020. Otolith will be competing to be one of the 2020 Cycle I Forum top 25 finalist.

For more information about NASA and agency programs, visit:

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NASA iTech’s Ignite the Night gives innovators and enthusiasts from communities around the world the opportunity to present their ideas on stage to a panel of NASA Chief Technologists, industry experts, and investors.