Darkblade Systems Launches Work-Based Learning (WBL) Internship Program with Frederick County Public Schools

November 2020

rederick County Public SchoolsDarkblade Systems launched an unpaid internship program with Frederick County Public Schools that includes work-based learning in a Business Operations Environment. Students are provided an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and training in the Cybersecurity & Information Technology career field while obtaining course credit. “When a student starts with Darkblade Systems, they will begin by interviewing with our team followed by stepping through the hiring and onboarding process, so they know what to expect in the real world of starting a career,” Sarah Flanagan, Office Manager stated.

Students are required to work 280 hours to receive credit for the course. Students are evaluated on workplace readiness and on-the-job performance which includes critical thinking, problem-solving, work ethic, productivity, collaboration & teamwork, creativity & innovation, professionalism, and writing & communication skills.

Jason Starkey, Director of Technical Services at Darkblade Systems, will be monitoring and assigning tasks to each student by following the course requirements for Cyber Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Systems Technology I. “I strongly feel that giving this opportunity to current high school students will get them in a good position upon graduation and set them on a good path for college education as well as a good career connection,” Jason said.

Some tasks include specific requirements for developing IT policy and plan documentation for our new DoD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). “We are looking for students that have good writing and editing skills and who are familiar with IT and pursuing a career in Cybersecurity and IT,” Fred Starkey, CEO of Darkblade Systems commented.

If your student has an interest in participating in this program, please contact Missy McDonald Spielman, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Frederick County Public Schools by emailing .